Monday, June 8, 2009

voodoo, tattoo, coo coo ca-cho

sup my peeps,

well semi sad to say it but im back to living with my parents.......and with that being said some freedom is now no longer existent. but oh well my choice........

anywhom have been thinking lately.....well actually just today about tattoos and how i want one but i dont know what......

i atleast know that i want it on my forearm but dont know what....i dont want some stupid norcal star and some stupid shit that everyone else these days seems to be copying, i want something with meaning, something thats why i still dont have one.......

so i guess when i have free time im really gonna look into this and see if i can think of anything good........ i wont hold my breathe though


  1. Poopoo nooooooo! DOn't get sucked into the tattoo cult! Haha I will help you think of something cool too! How about a tattoo of a mustache instead of trying to grow one in...and then you can tattoo freddy's name on your ass! haha I kid. It would be one of a kind though..just think about it! Love ya

  2. I think you should get a tattoo of a piggy bank on your arm.