Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blood Sweat and Tears

well after a longs day work i came home to work on my Datsun. one because i have to move it within two weeks and it doesn't run. after making a sandwich and resting for and min (and watching cash cab for a bit) i took a step back and thought about what my next should be...... (basically i a not getting any spark and i dont know why) i decided to start from step one again.

removed the distributor and checked all the connections, checked to see if all was tight, it was. then i had a bright idea of if i checked ohms (resistance) from the negative lead cable from the coil (power) and the distributor (ground) then there should be 0 ohms unless the point opens. so i tried it. and it turns out that i have a huge amount of resistance (OL - out of limits) reguardless whether the points where open or closed.

so basically that means that something is not connected properly. began trying to find the missed connection. then i finally found it. so i began to fix the issue and clean the connection and make sure all is clean and tight. during the cleaning i stabbed my finger/nail with the steel brush and it f'ing hurt, blood and everything, curse words and slighty yelling came out......

anyways connected every thing and took it to the car. connected it in excitement and went to start the car............dead battery :( so i had one in the truck that i have been charging at work. swapped batteries and crossed me fingers. it began to try to start!!!! finally it started!!!!!!!! pretty rough but not surprising since the car always starts rought plus the car hasn't ran for a year, gas is old, timing is off, and point gap is probably off. anyways its freaking RUNNING im soo happy. made various adjustments and took it out for a little spin down the street:) can't go far since i have no insurance and its not registered.....

so now i think its semi ready to make the long journey to its old home my parents house.......

for such a good job i wanted to celebrate with beer but just my luck i dont have any:( so i think as a pat on the back im gonna go get some ICE CREAM :) also i was getting ready to drive down to antioch to buy a distributor of some guy for 50 bucks so basically i saved 50 bucks!!!!


  1. wow, so many things to address:

    first- LOVE the picture post

    second- Thank you for the retard translations on what the hell all of the car talk meant, even though I still don't really understand what was happening

    third - I had a home made milk shake tonight

    fourth - i called Lindsey and set up a lunch date with her for tomorrow, you can begin being jealous now (side note: begin and being have the same letters in it, but arranged diff -- weirrrrd.)

    fifth - since you saved $50 You should invest it in some stocks, probably Clorox. Because pay up the nasty dog pees on everything so someone will always be buying something to clean it up with

    sixth- I like the gory blood picture, its so intense hahaha I can see you squeezing your finger trying to make the blood drop bigger on your finger for better effect

    seventh - I told Josh that Lindsey made you a blog and he said that he should make his own too, but then that would make the point of "Katie and Joshs Adventures" pretty pointless so I said no.

    eighth - I like doing things in sets, so I can't end this comment until I get to 10

    ninth - Did you know that I collect piggy banks? well not until recently, so I don't know if you would call it collecting/ or a collection/ or more of me just buying a lot of them in a short period of time. In my line of vision right now are 3 piggy banks and one owl bank

    tenth - HI LINDSEY, I can't wait for lunch, I'm thinking something delicious would be good. Remember when we went to Firewood's for your birthday? That was fun. I miss seeing your face everyday :(

    Good night Mr. Fahrenheit and Ms. Lindsey King Kong Lover, oh ya ps did you ever watch Puke in my Mouth??

    I can't wait to see how long this comment is, its pretty outrageous I can feel it already.

  2. (i take it back - josh got a blog against my will)

  3. HAha you guys are funny...I look forward to many years of this ;0)

  4. Poopoo I am so proud of you, that has been on your mind for a while. I am glad you got your ice cream too, although I don't know how I feel about you walking out in Vallejo in the dark that late. Glad you made it safe and sound. You are a GENIUS!