Sunday, October 11, 2009


HAHA i haven't been on here since july...:) oh wells. i have been trying to keep busy doing this or that basically keeping my mind busy so i dont miss lindsey so much. but she comes back this thursday! man im so exicted. this last month has been hard, especially when im alone and i cant talk or text my girl....i feel alone. so ive been keeping busy with work, sports, friends, and my project datsun. ill say i had one of the best time of my life last monday night though, a few friends of us went to a concert and i was a blast.

As they say its not the destintion but the road to your destination that makes in worth it (im sure i murdered that quote) but not only was it an advanture to get there but once we were there another great advanture started. we got to see the band, we rocked our faces off, we drank, we meet some of the band members, we meet bam margera (guy from jackass, cky, bam margera show), we meet joe frantz(a friend of bam, also a director) joe was actually filmming a music video for the band(the 69 eyes) and he grab us and put us in the back round!! also i got a pick and my friend ross got me a signed drum stick that was used in the concert. the place was sooooo small so it was much more in your face and loud.

this is joe frantz getting ready to knock out some music videos!!

Cool ass pic with bam, jyrki and buddies

well i took tons of pics but that all i feel like uploading:) anywhom i had some good times but i want my pee back, and i cant wait to have her in my arms, i pick her up on thursday night and i seriously dont even know if i will go to sleep once im with her. oh well i guess thats it for now, i shall try and write more on this damn blog crap but i dont have a computer so we'll see....

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  1. that is so cool that you got to meet bam!!!!!! I hope you are in the video and become famous! hahahaha

    Have fun with lindsey on THursday! Give her a big hug for me :)